New Moon August 2016 & the month of abundance

This week we have new moon in Leo, 2 August. New moons signify new beginnings and are a perfect time to review our goals and set our intentions for the coming lunar month. Leo is a fire sign and the lion energy represents courage.

August is the 8th month and numerologically, 8s are about abundance and prosperity. In order to attract abundance we must be grateful for the things already in our life.  This is a reminder for us to dig out our gratitude journals! Give away or recycle ‘stuff’ you’ve outgrown and declutter your living space and also your electronic life emails, documents, acquaintances that are taking up space on your social media that you no longer resonate with. This isn’t harsh, energetically they may be dragging you down and preventing new people and opportunities from entering your life.

Citrine is a great crystal to work with here. Yellow/brown crystal.  Usually found as a point, geode or cluster. Judy Hall, in her book the Crystal bible states that natural citrine is rare and often heat treated amethyst is sold as citrine.  In the photo below, I have included three citrine clusters that I usually have in the wealth corner of my house (using the Feng Shui bagua) and the citrine polished tumblestone at the front is normally kept in my coin purse to attract financial abundance.

CH Citrine.jpg

I’ve drawn a card for the week ahead from the Mermaid & Dolphins deck:


Again, this links to abundance and manifestation and reinforces the need to keep your vibrations high and your thoughts positive.

Have a beautiful week.

Gemma xxx

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