Christmas day last year I ordered some Leonie Dawson workbooks to assist with goal setting in life and business. Within the workbooks there is an exercise to set 100 goals for the year. It is surprisingly difficult to think of 200 separate goals for life and business, especially so if you’re not used to goal setting to this extent. One of the goals I put down was to visit Glastonbury. I’d never been before. It’s a bit of a trek and not the most accessible of places on public transport and I didn’t anticipate that I’d actually get there this year.

In March a friend mentioned Shekinashram as a place to stay in Glastonbury and a mental note was made.

As ongoing self development, things I’ve been continuing to establish this year are self care practices including listening to my body when it needs rest and going with my heart and instinct rather than habit or over analytical left brain.

I allocated some much needed time off in August and checked out Shekinashram website to see if there were any events on during my time off. A women’s wellness event – Living with wisdom, coincided with my time off but was booked up. Andrea from Moon Tree women’s wellness got in contact to advise that a place had become available and I booked on. Now to book the travel! Two trains, a bus and around 40 minutes of walking but I knew it’d be worth it.

Energetically speaking, Glastonbury is the heart centre of the Earth, with many sacred sites around it, I knew it would be a profoundly healing weekend.

Feeling excited to arrive in Glastonbury, I decided to get off the bus a few stops along to have a peek at the shops. Wow, most places I’ve been to have one amazing shop. Good to see a cruelty free hairdressers on the high street. Crystals, sound healing, yoga and alternative clothing, books, vegan cafes, restaurant and health shops. I could happily have an extended stay here. Being surrounded by dogs certainly adds to the charm.

I receive a text from Andrea to say I’m now staying in the healing hut and to get myself settled if I’m early! Sounds good to me!!

Light stretches, yoga and relaxation in the temple. First evening we were getting used to the Ashram practices of offering food to to the deities and giving thanks, devotional singing and bell ringing. Light meal of soup, salad and bread then time to retreat into the healing hut and read.

Fire ceremony at 7am and those in attendance were adorned with Tilak on our third eye. After some cereal with coconut soya yoghurt I take myself up the Tor for a wander.

After sending healing to sheep and cows, I find a quiet spot to rest and reflect. Enjoying the blissful silence, I didn’t want to leave. Spurred on by the planned activities of the day, I head back down for morning yoga. This session is held by Angie. As we set up our mats for our practice, Angie and crew are laughing what they have in store! Apparently it’s going to be fast paced and will certainly wake us. It was actually very enjoyable so much so there were requests to repeat the Shiva Shakti. We all learned a new sequence called the Celtic weave too.

Free time in Glastonbury. Empty rucksack at the ready to hit those shops. Time flew and it was soon time to meet back for lunch at the ashram.

Relaxation after lunch and Vinyasa flow for those who wanted it. For me, it was back to rest at the healing hut before the gong bath (what a hard life eh!)

Gentle gong bath and healing tones from the Tibetan singing bowls. I’ve experienced quite a bit of sound healing but it was new to the rest of the group and the vibrations had a powerful effect.

Abundant vegan evening meal in the Ashram then a quiet night in anticipation of a 4am rise the next day. Nice to have permission from self and others to retreat and listen to body rather than in every day we may get called lazy, sucked into house work or other responsibilities. In a way, this is another form of boundary setting and filling our own cup so we can serve others.

5am walk up the Tor for sunrise yoga.


Stunning views and energy. We even found someone on the top in a sleeping bag. Very brave! Cold winds and a steep drop. Crows all around us at the Tor, one flew over us during Yoga, offering their animal medicine to us.


Sunrise at the Tor

Back to bed when I arrived at the ashram, mainly to warm up! Couple more hours ’til breakfast time.

Drinking a lovely nutritious green smoothie full of superfoods while grounding on the grass in the beautiful ashram. I really could get used to this.

One of my teachers told me she feels that part of my lightworkers role is helping prepare people for death and helping cross them over when it’s their time. Just prior to this, I’d had people and animals entering my life (possibly approaching the end of their lives), requesting healing. I’ve already experienced this with Reiki, helping my beloved dog Daisy to pass over peacefully when it was her time. I knew I’d booked on the retreat for a reason but when I saw Andrea holding a copy of the soul midwifery book, maybe that’s one reason why?

Next on the agenda was a visit to the Chalice well and gardens. Meditated in the sun guiding myself through a chakra cleansing. I visualised the healing waters of Chalice well cleansing each chakra in turn.

Quiet reflection at the waterfall then feet tentatively dipped in the bathing pool. So many little areas scattered around to reflect meditate and absorb the healing energies. On the way out I felt brave enough to fully submerge both feet in the freezing water. Felt incredible.

On the way back from the Tor this morning, I spotted a Cathar museum. I don’t know that much about the Cathars but felt drawn to pop in and visit. Information about the Cathars have popped up now and again over the years but don’t know much apart from them being persecuted. Felt drawn to go in the museum and was getting shivers and floods of energy down my spine like someone pouring bucket after bucket of ice down my back. Soul retrieval another reason for my visit for Glastonbury perhaps?

Felt guided to skip lunch and explore some more. Found the most amazing bookshop that hadn’t popped into my awareness so far. I wanted to buy everything. I managed to just get three! My bags are heavy enough for the journey back.

I sat under the market cross in the glorious sunshine reading while a guy is wandering round rocking out on his guitar.

I overheard some chaps discussing football, something I’ve not heard for a few days. Energies, healing and yoga were the norm and football conversations the anomaly during this trip. Quite different from my day to day experience.

Another little wander buying a few more crystals. selenite, fluorite, fairy quartz and clear quartz point. Feeling drawn to buy some heart and higher heart resonating crystals while I’m at the energetic heart chakra of Glastonbury, to use during healings with my clients I also bought some new malachite, jade and rose quartz.

Group meal out tonight outside of the ashram at the Excalibur cafe. Food experiences (outside of the Ashram) haven’t been that spectacular. If I come again will check out reviews and recommendations as I’m sure there are some wonderful places to eat here. Being in such a big group can’t please everyone’s tastes especially having a combination of vegetarians, vegan, omnivores or whatever else, drinkers and non drinkers all at different stages of their journeys.

Woke, packed, said our goodbyes to the ashram. Thank yous and gifts to facilitators and then off to Avebury.

As a child, I remember making wishes every time a truck load of hay bale went by. Living a couple of miles from the town centre, they weren’t something we’d see everyday. However, on the way from Glastonbury to Avebury, there was an abundance of them and many wishes were made!

At Avebury, we were led by Angie in some bare foot Chi kung at the stone circle. Celtic weave and the eight brocades. Beautiful. It was wonderful how the bells rang out to say it was 12pm just as we finished.

Now time for a well deserved lunch. Monster wait time but the food was worth it. As we were leaving, we were treated to a tale from the pub manager the story of the haunting in the pub and men with beards. That spine shiver is back!!

Journey back to train station reading through Andrea’s soul midwifery book. Weird how this book and possible next journey is a culmination of my studies to date. Andrea says the exact same thing. Spooky!

A vertical rainbow on the right hand side of the sun followed me home on my journey back to Preston. Magical way to end such a beautiful few days in Avalon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

Photo of the sunrise yoga at the Tor, used with permission from Andrea Jackson. Sunrise through the arch at the Tor is my own.


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