Time for change?


2016 numerological speaking is a year of endings. Powerful energies are coming through this year and friends, relationships and jobs that we used to resonate with are no longer doing so due to changes in vibrational frequency. Basically, they are no longer in alignment with who we’ve come to be.

Many of us are seeing this all around us and are waking up to what we want – healthier, supportive friendships and relationships, jobs that feed our soul not drain it and being paid for work we love to do rather than dreading a day in the office.

Friends and clients are privately messaging me telling me they feel lost and overwhelmed with the changes going on this year. This seems to be everywhere at the moment and just yesterday I noticed a post in a business group, where not the usual topic, many supportive women chipped in about what has worked for them. This advice is decent self-care in general and you don’t have to be going through major changes to implement them:

  • Eat as clean as natural as possible
  • If you have food cravings or addictions, work on your sacral chakra
  • Go for a massage if you can. Local colleges offer these at reduced rates or just massage your feet. Add high quality essential oils such as lavender if you’re having trouble sleeping
  • Journal your feelings, get it out and don’t ‘stuff’ them down. They will pop up at a later date and cause disease in the body
  • Boxing exercises work for some. You don’t need to spar with someone, pad work is very effective
  • Check out Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) lots of free content on YouTube or you can find example scripts online to tweak and make personal to you
  • Energy healing such as Reiki helps to rebalance and release stagnant energy in your body
  • Go for a long walk, near water if possible. The water element represents emotions and is very healing
  • Yoga Nidra to help sleep
  • Yin Yoga to help release emotions or “issues in the tissues”
  • One lady recommended a YouTube video Yoga for a broken heart – Unconditional Love, if this is relevant to you
  • Cord cutting meditations and forgiveness
  • Loving kindness meditations
  • Take a magnesium supplement
  •  Acupuncture works wonders for rebalancing your chi

As always, don’t just read through these nodding and think oh yes, I like the idea of that. Clear your diary where possible and book them in. Diarise future dates in your calendar and look after yourself.

Sending lots of love in these changing times.

Gemma xxx


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