Hibernation season


It’s getting that time of year where many of us want to stay inside, cosy up and hibernate for the Winter. This year for me, hibernation season came early. Continuing to listen to my inner guidance telling me to remove certain things from my life that were toxic, no longer serving me and stopping new things from entering my life. I’m passionate about decluttering on all levels and contuining to develop and expand. These last two months I’ve taken all that to another level!!

I’ve really allowed myself to flow with the energies, not forcing but allowing things to fall away.  I’ve moved house. I’ve embodied my own teachings about self-care and boundaries and will continue to be a work in progress, as we all are. Part of this self-care involved me blocking out large chunks of my time to work on me. Continue to do the inner work. Re-establish a regular yoga practice and upping the meditations. Reading a silly amount of books but I’ve loved every minute. Law of attraction at work, as by doing so I’ve attracted some wonderful new clients who are so focused on putting in the work with their own self-development.

Choosing the spiritual path and to continually work on yourself isn’t easy. It’s not all unicorns, rainbows and positive affirmations as some outsiders might think. It’s hard work. It’s upsetting letting go, we are human of course it’s going to effect us. However, we don’t get stuck there. We use our tools, do the healing and flow through it knowing it’s all part of the path and spiral through those ups and downs all over again.

Sending lots of love as we all continue to ride this rollercoaster.

Gemma xxx



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