Winter reads

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Brilliant book from Gabrielle Bernstein. Her earlier work didn’t resonate with me but I loved this book. Full of practical tips and self development exercises.


Wonderful book for those new to the world of self-care or wanting to re-establish a self-care practice. Down to earth, easy to follow read.


Unusual choice for me as I don’t follow “celebs” or read their books. Inside Amy Schumer is the only “normal” kind of show I watch these days. Funny (as you’d expect) with some darker tales from her life. There are some surprising mentions of spirituality, feminism and meditation!


I ADORE Rebecca Campbell! This is her second book (Light is the new black being her first) She’s crammed so much into this book. It’s certainly one that I’ll read time and time again and pick up new gems and insights each read.


I will add to this list. I’d love to hear your recommendations too. Gemma xxx


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