Create your shining life ✨


As mentioned in my Glastonbury blog this year I’ve been using the Leonie Dawson workbooks for life and biz and they’ve been so useful and have helped me have an incredible year (despite it being a challenging year. Very much a year of shaking up, letting go and moving forward as you would expect in a Universal 9 year) The workbooks and other goodies make goal setting and review so much fun and they don’t have to be serious things like traditional goal setting may be. Zzzzz!


You can get access to some of her freebies to see if her work resonates with you>>> Leonie freebies

Or you can dive straight in and get your 2017 workbooks here>>>Leonie workbooks

I love Leonie’s response to the following question and it sums her up well. She’s a very successful business woman but is a fun loving, heart-centered hippy and this is weaved into everything she does:


I’m looking forward to reviewing this year end “closing ceremony” and excited for 2017 already. Once you’ve set and exceeded your goals, it gives  you the inspiration and confidence to dream bigger next time.

Here’s to an incredible 2017.


Love Gemma xxx

Workbook link>>> Leonie workbooks

Freebies link>>>Leonie freebies


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