You CAN heal your life

Guest post from Ric Caunce, Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher  & Psychic Medium

Sometimes, we find we have a book, on our shelf, which has been there for years! Perhaps we have glanced at it, thumbed through it, or even read a few chapters, but never really read it properly, take the advice, and put it into practice!! It is a bit like reading a book on bodybuilding, and expecting the muscles to appear just after reading it! As with any self-help book, you have to put the theory into practice, not just read it!

So it was with me. I can even remember buying “You can heal Your Life” by Louise L Hay, along with “The Journey” by Brandon Bays. It was at a large bookshop sale in Manchester, around 2002. And, like a lot of books, it stayed on the shelf, occasionally being browsed through, until of course I was ready to hear what it had to offer!

Fast forward a few years, a lot of water under the bridge, changes in jobs, house moves, children etc. and a chance comment to a good friend, led to a few conversations on life in general. My friend had recently qualified as a Heal your Life Teacher, and was looking for participants for an upcoming workshop, one, she told me, I would benefit from! So, in November 2010, I found myself in a group of eight people, in a room in Clitheroe, on my first venture into the world of “Love Yourself, Heal your Life”! I can honestly say that I got quite a lot from those two days, but, honestly, like all things in life, what you put in, you get out! I was not quite ready at that point to take everything on board, and make the changes to my thinking!

Again, forward a few years, relationship problems, career problems, and worst of all, some severe health problems led me back to my friend for advice, and a few sessions of HYL work. This was the big turning point for me, I had been drinking heavily for many years, and the HYL work enabled me to see clearly what the conditioning was, that led to this behaviour. I have not needed alcohol since!

Then, a series of coincidences, (no such thing!) and an injury, (to my eye, I was not “seeing” what my problems were!) led me to make the decision to take the training, and become a HYL teacher. I had undergone such profound insights, which really turned my life around, and I desperately wanted to help other people make the most of their life too!

In July 2015, I qualified, and became a Licensed Heal Your Life teacher, and the changes in my personal life since that day have been amazing. My health is great, and I get such a sense of achievement when I see the transformation in the people who take part.  I run the workshops with my beautiful, inspirational partner, Mette, who is also a HYL teacher, and we have started a Meetup group – Heal your Life-North Lancashire and Cumbria. Meetings and Workshops are held in Lancaster, but we are able to run them at other venues, as long as we have enough participants.

As a footnote, I would like to add a quote by Brandon Bays, and even though it is not Louise Hay’s words, it sums up the HYL work very well. Also, I have include a testimonial from one of our workshop participants, who was so blown away by the workshop, she then went on to train as a HYL teacher!

“The story goes, that each of us comes into this life as a pristine, pure, flawless diamond, and through the trials of growing up, and the course of life’s pains, our innate brilliance becomes hidden by a load of rubbish!

Then, when we become adults, we cover the whole mess with a coat of shiny nail varnish, and present this artificial veneer to the world. Over time, we may even come to believe that this protective shell is who we really are, and we shape our whole personal identity around it!

But, if we are lucky, life presents us with a gift, a “wake up call”. Something takes place, when for a moment, we crack through the hardened surface, look past the layers of muck, and catch a glimpse of the radiant brilliance shining from deep within .Then, if we are very, very, lucky, we spend the rest of our lives journeying homeward into this exquisite beauty and freedom. We discover that we have always been, and will always be, this pristine, flawless diamond!”

From “The Journey” – Brandon Bays.

“Wow 😊 what an experience. I could never have imagined what has transpired over these two days. I have been through so many degrees of emotion, to levels I have never been & found things I didn’t even realise were lurking deep in the depths that were having a detrimental effect on my life. This has been a very uplifting, spiritual & truly amazing experience for me. I have found the real me & have learned to love every ounce of myself & those around me. Thank you is not enough & the gratitude I feel is beyond words. I have an amazing future ahead of me full of fulfilled dreams, love, happiness & inner peace 💞”

Any further information, please get in touch. Many Thanks.

Ric Caunce

Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher

Psychic Medium


Mobile 07971 332477


Transformational Workshop

25th and 26th February 2017,
in Lancaster
Are you ready to live your life to the full?

Do you want to get rid of old limiting beliefs that hold you back, and stop you achieving success in all areas of your life?

Such as:-
Financial success.

Do you want to open your heart to more Love and Joy?

Then this amazing workshop, may be just right for you!


It is about changing your thoughts, and working with the mind, body and spirit, to release old patterns of behaviour, and to replace them with new, positive beliefs, to bring about transformation!

You will benefit from a more loving connection with yourself, and feel more love and compassion towards others. You will get tools that you can use on a daily basis, to keep that connection alive, and bring love and joy into your life!

The powerful and effective techniques we teach are very simple and easy to learn!


Two day workshop, including refreshments for £160!

Ric Caunce 07971 332477 or

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Join our Meet-Up Group – Heal Your Life North Lancashire and Cumbria!


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