“Excessive kindness to your skin”

Guest post from Caryn Hasselblad, owner and creator at Dulj


I have always had a fascination with what nature can bring to skin care & remember concocting my own lemon verbena toner when I was about 9 years old – but it all came together after the birth of my first child in 2011. I started to read the ingredients on the backs of the products that I purchased for her & was, in all honesty, quite horrified that I’d been so unaware of what was going onto not only my newborn baby’s skin, but also my own.

I decided immediately that I would no longer use products that contained ingredients that weren’t completely natural. There were a few options for babies on the shelves of the shops that I visited but nothing that I really loved using on my own skin. I learned about the oil cleansing method & then began researching & experimenting with different combinations of oils on my own skin & was hooked.

We’ve been richly blessed to live on a planet that provides so abundantly for our needs. I am a perfectionist & it took three years & hundreds of combinations before I was happy with what I had lovingly created.

My husband has suffered with very dry skin since I’ve known him & after just a week of using the face oil that I had created, his dry skin was no longer flaky, but smooth & glowing. I wanted to share what I’d learned about oils with other people & Dulj was born.

The feedback we’ve had from clients has been amazing. One dear lady used only the body oil on a scar following surgery & documented the change in the appearance of the red puckered skin to a healed smooth clean line.

These products have really balanced out the skin of my clients & helped heal blemishes & inflamed skin.

My focus with Dulj has been creating luxurious, anti-inflammatory & healing products for damaged/sensitive skin but it’s important to me that skin care is experienced as a full sensory treat rather than something you just have to do to remove make up or grime. Skin is your body’s largest organ & it has a mass of sensory receptors just under the skin; in fact, the face & the fingertips are the most richly supplied areas (the fingertips have 2,500 receptors per square centimetre!)

Every aspect of Dulj – from the wonderful ingredients to the Miron glass bottles they’re packaged in, is designed to be decadent.

Dulj is completely chemical free, preservative free, organic, fragrance free, vegan friendly & truly a joy to use. I want my clients to enjoy applying the products & look forward to that time in the day where the focus is solely on you & your skin.

We have launched with a beautiful limited edition range with smaller sizes for people to try out. When they fall in love with the product, full-sizes are available on our website too at www.dulj.co.uk

There are plans for a masque & balm later this year but, being my perfectionist self, I won’t release them until they’re absolutely sublime.


One thought on ““Excessive kindness to your skin”

  1. Sublime is awesome enough. What an in-depth article on a stunning product. As a ” user ” myself I look forward to seeing Dulj grow…. hold luck going forward and blessings always. Glynnis Burgess

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