Powered by Plants 🌱

I’ve attended a number of lectures and presentations this week in the Plant based World. Whether you’re already vegan, veggie, plant based, pescatarian, flexitarian or omnivore or just intrigued, here are just a few resources you may find useful.

Dr. Michael Greger – evidence based nutrition. He advocates a whole foods Plant based diet. He has a book called How not to die. How not to die cookbook is coming out soon.

He has a free app you can download to track how many of his recommended “daily dozen” you’re eating. Search for Dr. Greger’s daily dozen in the App Store.

Loads of free resources and videos on his not for profit website www.nutritionfacts.org

Tim Shieff, World Champion athlete in Parkour/freerunning . Caught my attention in his intro on day one talking about healing and trauma. Tim has a YouTube channel and ethical clothing range www.ethcs.com

Harvard educated, Dr. Melanie Joy on Beyond Carnism. I really resonated with her views on veganism and secondary traumatic stress. Her new book Beyond Beliefs about effective communication between vegans and non-vegans (and also vegan to vegan with differing views) She’s one of a founders of CEVA (campaign for effective vegan advocacy) http://www.veganadvocacy.org and ProVeg https://proveg.com

Plant based chefs

Boris Lauser raw Plant based gourmet chef (cannot believe this guy is 42. He looks about 20) Sampled some of his raw vegan spaghetti bolognese 😍 https://www.borislauser.com

Stina Spiegelberg vegan tv chef and cookbook author. I didn’t get to sample her food but I’ve got some of her recipes to try. Definitely going to try the chocolate truffles 😍 https://www.veganpassion.de/

And of course, the free Happy Cow app for finding vegan, veggie and veg option restaurants near you 💚

Photos of these and other speakers (and Plant based food!!) over on my Instagram account over at https://www.instagram.com/chakraholistics/



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