“Gemma is a wonderful therapist. Her kind and nurturing energy is very suited to the methods she offers. I had ear candles for the first time. Felt really relaxing and my head was alot clearer after. She sent me lots of info aswell about before and after care. Xxx”

Bow, Preston


“Wonderful Reiki session today for my daughter and I. Both feeling balanced and relaxed afterwards. We highly recommend Gemma, and her healing services. Thank you xxx”

Reiki review above and following her Reiki One training &  attunement: “Wow honestly i feel amazing. Feel like a new person thank you so much. We both had a bit of a healing crisis over the weekend but it seems to have passed. Went to yoga today and a mediatation class. Thanks again gemma i feel like its changed my life”

Mary S, Preston


“Amazing Reiki session yesterday,such a lovely lady too,highly recommend xx”

Emma, Preston


“Although I haven’t had a treatment from Gemma, she is a lovely calming energy to be around, she made me feel free to be who I am without any judgement and much encouragement, and after only having met her a couple of times. Would totally recommend this lovely lady, and wish you all the success you deserve hun xx”

Marie K, Preston


Gemma is very knowledgeable and caring. Thanks very much for the Reiki. I really enjoyed it. This was the first time but will definitely book another one soon.”

Sharon, Preston


“I have known Gemma for 30 years and she has always been a gentle, warm and intuitive person. I’ve no doubt that that a healer is what she was always meant to be.
Gemma did a numerology report and two card reading coupled with distance healing for me a few days ago. The report was filled with knowledge and guidance and the healing was very peaceful and effective and picked up all of my issues. If you haven’t booked yet, do it today!
Thank you Gem and good luck going forward with your business xx ☯”

Sarah M, Bilsborrow


“Gemma came to my house and gave me Hopi ear candling, I am ten now, but, ever since I was little I have had hearing problems and now i can hear thanks to the amazing reiki master Gemma. After she did the ear candling she did my reiki! it is always so nice to have lovely Gemma around.”

Ellie, Preston


“I had a reiki session off Gemma this week she was amazing knew exactly where my pain was felt so relaxed and after the healing felt like I was walking on air and uplifted in my mood. Thanks Gemma will see you again soon x”

Pam, Preston


“Amazing healing and superb service! This week I received a Distant Numerology report and Card reading from Gemma. Her dedication and knowledge shines through. Revelation and relaxation still resonating! Thank you xx”

Mary M, Preston


“Read my report like 5 times ! you pinpointed exactly where the pain was ! And yes ! I have been living off fizz sticks an energy drink from Arbonne .Thank you so much I got so much value from that .I am going to embrace meditation ! Always wanted to do it just never made time . I have passed your details to my mum and 2 best friends xxx”

Emma, Blackrod


“Thanks so much for my report.

It’s brill 🙂

Very accurate to say you’ve never met me …
Thanks so much”

Georgie, Lancashire


“Thank you so much I definitely felt less pain and had a little flush in my cheeks, my sleep was one of the best in a long time xx”

Marie, Preston


” I had a distance healing, card reading and mini numerology report done last week by Gemma .
Gemma was in contact via message consistency and let me know what was happening throughout the process .
Gemma pin pointed exactly where my pain was and I have been pain free since !!!! I am so so happy with Gemma’s treatment and have recommended her to everyone I know”

Emma M, Lancashire


“Thank you it’s given me things to think on,  but I’d like to delve a bit deeper when you have time because it’s the most truest, most unbelievable thing I’ve ever read.”

Sarah, Preston


Hi Gemma, wanted to say thanks for a great healing! I slept like a log that night 🙂 Be in touch in a couple of weeks to book another appointment, thanks again xx 🙂

RC, Preston


“WOW what a reading and feedback from your healing, your spot on! I can’t get over how accurate it is! Have a fabulous weekend Gemma x love and hugs x”

Deborah, Preston


“I got such a lovely energy from Gemma through reading her page and talking with her that I signed up for the 8 week chakra cleanse and rebalance. I had never had any treatments/therapies like this before and thought I might be shy but I can honestly say that she has been wonderful and completely put me at ease.
She is lovely, calm and personable . In a very open, free and non judgemental way she guided me through the series of exercises each week for healing and rebalancing. I felt very understood and supported and I’ve got to say, I’ve never had a distance reading before but she was absolutely spot on with everything she said in my analysis. I was amazed. She even brought to my attention things that I wasn’t consciously aware of, which I was then able to work through. She is very knowledgeable and very good at what she does.
I really cannot recommend Gemma highly enough.”

Sandra, Lancashire


“I needed to book a treatment quickly and Gemma was able to arrange my treatment at a great time for me in the convenience of my own home. She was kind and calm and talked me through the process so I felt really able to relax once the treatment began. She did a Reiki treatment which brought down my pain levels and stress, which was a huge relief. Gemma also wrote some guidance for me which was very relevant to my circumstances and has helped me go in the right direction for making some positive lifestyle changes. I was really happy with my treatment and really grateful that I knew about Chakra Holistics and was able to call!”

Leila, Preston


“Reading was bang on! Thank you”

“Having had Reiki from Gemma, a few months ago, I jumped at the chance when she offered a free mini reading a couple of weeks ago! This was so accurate, absolutely spot on, and Gemma picked up on some deep, personal stuff that I was dealing with at the time! I was so impressed with this mini reading, that I have just ordered a Tarot for Business reading. Have received this today, again, lots of insights, some really useful information about a few issues, some that I had a feeling about, and some others that I had no idea about! Gemma is very accurate, and also very intuitive, tuning in to what is going on in a caring, and considerate way. As a fellow psychic medium and healer, I can truly recommend her services!!”
Ric, Lancaster.


“So……..I had a 5 card reading yesterday…the whole process I found very exciting knowing gemma was picking up on my energy and interpreting the cards!
My reading said that some deep healing work would benefit me..specifically around chakra work, this was at 9pm last night…this morning not 12 hours later I have been emailed to join a deep healing group that starts this Thursday and works intensively on each chakra over 7 weeks🙋🙋🙋…no coincidence there🙌🙌🙌…so I cannot be more appreciative of this service 🌸💛🌸 gemma is gifted and anyone wanting answers, at a cross roads, would truly benefit from such powerful energy. Thanks gemma 🙌🙌🙌🙌🌸xxxxx”

Sian, Leyland


“I’ve had Reiki 2 distance attunement and A Goddess empowerment session with Gemma. Both times she has provided me with detailed written information about what she picked up from me and how to help with it – always spot on!”

Jennifer G, Manchester


“Beautiful soul inside and out- that says a lot considering we live on opposite sides of the world. I had a tarot reading sent via email and the reading resonated. It was just what I needed to hear.
Thank you for giving me a sense of direction xx”

Heidi, Woollongong, NSW, Australia


“Gemma is such a beautiful, gifted soul, a clear channel for healing and divine messages.
I had a lovely reading from her and it very clearly spelt out what was going on in my life, where I needed to put my focus and what my priorities needed to be, very clear guidance.
I was very blessed to also receive a beautiful and strong healing from her. So much cleared and I feel so much lighter and focused.
Bless you Gemma , a true and genuine soul in this world. I highly recommend anything with Gemma.”

Jennifer R, Chorley