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12 distance healings from me on the Full Moon to help you clear what is ready to fall away at that time. Includes a one card reading for each Full Moon, just for you. To be emailed across to you (£33 for the year)
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Remote Readings (offered Worldwide)


I tune into your energy field, using my unique gifts and developed methods, I receive guidance on the potential timelines for you. I’m a natural intuitive, highly sensitive and empathic and do not require any prompts to in order  to “read” you (check out my testimonials! Most of my clients I’ve never met or spoken to. I currently work with clients across three continents 💚) I offer many types of readings that include a personalised report which is emailed across for you to refer back to.

The current deck I’m working with is: ☯️ Starchild Tarot: Akashic Edition (beautiful high vibrational deck with sacred geometry) Photos below



Please note, I do switch around my services and offerings on a regular basis, following my intuition, planetary events and to keep things fresh for my lovely clients 💛✨